The average searcher looks at 3 qualified websites before making a decision. It’s great design that makes you stand out. We’ve created websites for over 20 years in just about any industry you can think of. Our niche is small & medium size businesses who are looking for the next step in web design. We believe in making strong first impressions. We’ll put our experience to work for you.

In today’s crowded Internet it’s difficult to get noticed at all. With the constant marketing of many Internet companies you keep hearing the same sales ideas over & over. The problem is so has your competitors. A good rule of thumb is, similar to a stock tip, if you’re hearing about a www sales strategy in the mass media it’s probably too late to help. The solution is new original sales ideas. This service examines your particular industry & sales area makes actionable suggestions for new sales. We offer the services to execute the ideas or will coordinate with your existing vendor.

Often online marketing companies have one option, an expensive monthly fee related program. We realize certain businesses might not have that much of a need. We offer a variety of website marketing services that require no further obligation & can be used in place of monthly programs. 

This program is is one of our core services. In a fly by night industry with an average customer retention of 3 months. We have marketing customers that have been with us 19 years (reference available upon request).  White Hat (by the rules) comprehensive online sales strategies take consistent effort over time. We pride ourselves on keeping you up to date on progress & demonstrating results. Regardless of numbers on the chart we know ultimately it’s results that matter. We require no mandatory contracts. We’ll earn your business or there’s no further obligation.

We offer new ideas using existing tech

such as website design, database design, SEO, Social Media & Pay Per Click strategies.

We have an informal policy of always saying yes to small customer changes. We feel uncomfortable charging for small changes. In addition we welcome your involvement in your own project as much as possible. We provide free training and design options to match your needs.

Unlike other firms we require no mandatory contractors or setup fees. We’re looking for mutually beneficial partners in helping you sell more. If for any reason you decide to discontinue our service just let us know by the end of the month. No additional fees & we’ll assist you in moving whatever is next.

The customer exclusively owns the work we do for them. Most solutions we create are as portable as possible and can be easily moved. We even assist with the process for no charge.

We believe in being flexible with whatever our customers needs are. So we can host, you can host or we can work with an existing vendor. We’ll even work with web site services like WIX.

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